From the mind of a mild mannered maniac


I Write because I love to, and because it is my favourite form of expression.
I don’t post to this blog with the aim of recieiving accolades, although, I have to admit, the idea of becoming a published writer someday is still very much my hope,  dream and a goal.

There is a, wonderfully, supportive community of gifted writers, here at WordPress, and should someone amongst this amazing group, think enough of my humble efforts to bestow their blessings on me.
I will post the icons here, in  acknowledgement.




Comments on: "Awards" (2)

  1. Yeah – very good. I once met Julian Barnes (do you know his work? Flaubert’s Parrot is one book). Anyway that question I asked him – “Should you write what you know about?” He said “not necessarily,” but that “you should write about what interests you.” I think he nailed it there, though the two overlap of course too. Imagination fuelled with reading is massive help though and I guess for some writers adventure is necessary. But I think too – so many do and have mined their own lives over and over again eg D.H Lawrence to name but one.

    Anyway – nice piece. Did enjoy.


    • Thankyou 🙂 I do know of Julian Barnes, but am not too, terribly, familiar with his work, unfortunately. I shall hsve to rectify that. He sounds like an interesting man. Yes, writing about what interests you is a great place to start, in time and with enough research, it could soon become, the new “what you know.” 🙂

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