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I’m in my happy place. Insulated, protected from cold hard reality, not isolated, no never that.

The world is always within my grasp, a single step away, if that is what I need.
Ah, but here, within this cozy cocoon of my own design, I can be what I please, and do anything my imagination can conjure up for me.

Leaning back, I feel the Earth, gently, slide away. Sights and sounds, of the material world fade slowly but surely into this temporary oblivion. Some distance ahead, the ties that once held me captive, will start to unravel and slowly drift off into the ether , like weightless wisps on a wayward wind.

I can fly like a dove, I can soar to the heavens now, perhaps even far beyond. I can delve to the foggy depths or deeper still. I am no longer earth bound, no longer tied to one place or time. Endless possibilities, boundless adventures are all but a dream away.

I don’t have to pinch myself, and wonder if I’m dreaming, I know I am. Oh, but what dreams these be!
Sometimes I am in the world, well, not this world, perhaps, but another, maybe, or in an alternate universe, Where the sun always shines, the skies are always blue, and there’s a pleasing scent of Honeysuckle, Sweet pea and Lilac in the air.

I am young here, and free to run like the wind, to romp and role around like a carefree child, in a dewy meadow, or to climb high amongst the Cherry Blossoms.

Here, where a gentle brook babbles gently by, a tuneful flock of Plovers, Wrens or nightingales sing a medley of my favourite songs. Peacefully then, I meander from scene to scene.
Sometimes an adventure on the high seas, or Skyward scaling some snow kissed mountain peak, or sightseeing in places I have neither vocabulary nor willingness to attach to world weary passages. Perhaps that is a task for another time or place, Who Knows?
For the present though, in this blissful state, I will awaken refreshed to face a bold new day.

For now though, I wish you sweet dreams, and happiness always,

~Cliffy 🙂


The Year just passed and the year ahead

Just a few short hours until the dawning of a brand new year, and with a few quiet moments to reflect, I find myself in a contemplative mood. This hasn’t been a banner year for most of us. We have seen and lived through some tumultuous times.

In the past twelve months we have been rocked by natural disasters, devastating wild fires, the side effects of global warming, geo-political upheaval, civil unrest, race riots, mass murder, the passing of some much-loved people etc…

I could expand that list exponentially, but no, those tears have been spilt. I have to try and look forward with hope and perhaps just a tiny pinch of guarded optimism to the future.

German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, probably said it best:

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”

He was right, we can learn from the past and strengthen our resolve to soldier on through adversity. Sometimes that is all you have to cling to.

Not everything was bad about 2017, including, on a personal note, the arrival, not quite a month ago, of a, healthy, beautiful baby boy, my Nephew Jett. He is a true blessing. I hope, and pray that he never bare witness to such a year, but if he does, I know He is surrounded by family and friends who will love him and provide him with all the tools he will need to face the years to come.

And so, with every fiber of my being I close the doors on the year just passed, and greet the New Year with open arms, hopes for brighter days to come, and well wishes to one and all.

Happy new year vector created by Harryarts –

~Cliff 

Merry Christmas!

Just a week away from the blessed event, and in case I don’t get the opportunity to post something nearer to the day…

As I gaze into the flickering flames of this toasty fire,

serenaded by the elegant strains of angelic choir

The true meaning of Christmas, though sometimes obscured by the neon glow

Beats on in hearts and minds, that are open, even so.

Joy to the world, peace on earth, The Herald Angels sing

Rejoicing and announcing the coming of The new-born king

My fondest wish for one and all as the blessed day draws near

Is A Very Merry Christmas and glad tidings for the coming year!



Brrrr it is officially cold out there, this morning! Minus any amount of degrees is cold in this moist, moderate climate, actually.

I just checked, and my vehicle’s locks and doors are frozen solid. It is quite an amazing site to behold. Jack Frost has been a very busy lad. Every car on our street is bathed in a thick latticework of pearlescent white.
The sun is trying to peak out through the fog, but the icicles hanging decoratively from the eaves have icicles of their own.

I’m really not complaining though, just making an observation.
I just came back from walking my nephew to school, and thought I would just try and post something. Naturally, the subject of The weather was foremost in my strange, little, mind.

If the calendar, the dazzling light displays and all the little helper elves bustling to and fro with their foot-long lists and bulging shopping bags, wasn’t enough, this weather is a reminder that the Holiday Season is almost upon us.

I love Christmas, and all it represents, but the commercialism involved is out of hand. This year, before the trick-or-treaters had even donned their costumes, the stores were full to the brim with festive fare.

I was at our neighbourhood Walmart on the last day of October, on some fool’s errand or other. The stock boys were erecting artificial trees, inflatable snowmen, and gift wrap, where moments before, stood racks and racks of costumes and gory accoutrements.

Time to think about shopping I guess.
I suppose I will be fashionably late again this year, oh well. I can only imagine what the Malls will be like this time next week. I never learn, do I? how about you, are you finished, way through, or panicking like I am? 🙂 Any helpful tips for hopelessly misguided gift hunters like myself?

Anyway, stay warm everyone.

Keep a smile on your face, and love in your heart,


Why Am I?

Trying to come to grips with the sense of sadness, loss, confusion, frustration, angst, and oblivion, that my Father and the millions of others, who suffer with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of Dementia, live with every day.

Staring into the emptiness
Trying to understand
Nothing making sense
Why am I?

Memories lost
So tired, So alone
In a world full of strangers
Why am I?

People seem to know me
Think they understand
Can’t see the real me
Why am I?

So angry, so lost
Where has my life gone?.
Help me, help me, help me!!
Why am I…

School crossing or Race Course?!!

Oh the wonders of humanity!
On the one hand, we are an amazing bunch. Look no further than the Mona Lisa, The pyramids, the Sistine chapel, The empire state building, the international space station etc… All of these are man made, and showcase our skill, artistry, creativity and ingenuity to the nth degree. Not perfection, but not too shabby either.

Then there’s the other hand.

I won’t touch on the current global/environmental/political insanity nor will I speak to crime, violence and the very many other social ills that plague us all daily. As pertinent as they all might be, that is beyond my purvue.

No, my issue is much, much closer to home.

Parents of young preschoolers who dress their young charges in the warmest winter clothing, and who lovingly hug and kiss the children goodbye whilst instructing them to behave, to play safe and to listen to their teachers. So far so good, right?

Some of these, though, are the self same individuals, with the children on board decals proudly emblazoned on their rear windows, who will tear off with reckless abandonment in their minivans, attempt to reach maximum velocity out of the parking lot, and then proceed to careen right through the school crossing without slowing down. (let alone actually stopping, and seeing that the kids get safely across.)

The poor crossing guard should be receiving danger pay. I’ve personally witnessed a few such occasions where the poor soul has had to jump aside to avoid an oncoming vehicle there. I guess his big red sign with the embossed, iridescent lettering, is too vague?!!

Just today, as I came from dropping my Nephew off at his preschool, I had the distinct impression I was strolling along the Indianapolis race track during the time trials!!!!

Slow down !!!!!

Please understand, I’m not painting everyone with that same brush, there are far more caring individuals who obey the traffic laws, and who don’t have a self indulgent desire to cause bodily harm, at least in my neighborhood, anyway, but my word, those who do, do so in style!

City counsel has done everything in their power to keep our school kids out of harms way, but their crossing guards, additional signage etc, will only help if people bother to obey them. That could be your child stepping off that curb!

How the same Human Race that inspires such beauty and wonder, in the world, can show so little regard for its own kind is beyond me.

Sorry for the preachy tone of this post, but I just needed to get that off of my chest, before I implode.

Be safe everyone.

~ Cliffy

Can that bottle Comfort you better?

You’ll never find the answers In that bottle
It isn’t your friend, don’t you realize that?
I’m not here to judge you, I just want to help
Trust me, please! Drink ain’t where it’s at

Hey man, don’t let me
disturb your misery
I can see You two are old friends
But he’s evil, wily, conniving
And I’ve seen where this journey ends.

So much life left to live,
your wife and kids
I guess they don’t matter that much?
Can that bottle comfort you better
Than a loved one’s sweet, tender touch?

Well give me a shout if you
feel the urge to
That gutter looks cozy enough
I’ll go start writing your eulogy
Man, why must you make this so tough?

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